ColdFusion Development & Support

We Eat, Breath and Sleep ColdFusion

At Pinpoint Digital we have over 40 years of combined experience with ColdFusion. We work with a variety of clients from solo-preneurs to Fortune 500 companies and almost everything in between.  Our ColdFusion work typically falls into one of the following categories.

  • Support for ColdFusion Web Sites and Hosting: As ColdFusion has started to become less popular as a programming language we’ve seen an increase in the number of companies (both large and small) that no longer have a developer supporting their application.  We’re able to step in and provide both initial and ongoing support to enable you to preserve your original investment in ColdFusion.
  • Web Development in ColdFusion: We are able to provide continued development on existing ColdFusion web sites in order to add additional features and functionality.  While ColdFusion is no longer as popular as it once was we’re still building new applications in it as it has a huge benefit of allowing us to rapidly create web applications.
  • ColdFusion Conversions to Other Languages: For various reasons, at a certain point many organizations decide to rebuild their legacy ColdFusion applications in other languages.  We have extensive experience in several other languages and frameworks (such as PHP, Java, Laravel, AngularJS and WordPress) and are able to help perform a conversion in a manner that helps ensure project success.

Our Process

For small projects our approach is to simply dive in and address the requirements.  However, when working on larger projects our approach includes the following steps.

  1. Discovery & Research: Building or fixing a ColdFusion application begins with a discovery process where we discuss your needs and learn more about the project. Depending on the project this may result in a specifications document being created to make sure that both of us are crystal clear on the objectives and details of the project.
  2. Implementation: Once we have completed the discovery and research phase we get to work on doing the actual work of the project.
  3. Maintenance & Support: Once the project is complete we often step into a maintenance role. We remain available to provide additional support on an as-needed basis.  We pride ourselves on providing an extraordinary level of customer support.

Who We Are

We have been providing ColdFusion development services to companies throughout the United States since 2007.  Pinpoint Digital is located in downtown Plainville, Connecticut.


What our clients are saying

I want to thank you for your help with our website development project. Your programming skills, attention to detail, and ability to interact directly with our client were excellent. You have provided tremendous value to my organization. With a project of this magnitude, including the use of web services to push data out to 19 sub-websites, your ability to overcome our unique challenges and coordinate with my IT team was exceptional. I appreciate your help, and I am certain that your expertise was key to the project's success. Thanks again, I look forward to working with you on our next endeavor!

~ John Forgione – Executive Vice President – SFA Marketing, Inc.

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