Why You Should Be Live Tweeting

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Twitter+logo+2012As a business owner with a website, you need to build up your online presence. The more you are able to contribute to the online community, the more you will be viewed as an authority within your niche. Live tweeting on Twitter during events that are of interest and relevant to your niche will build engagement and authority for your business. While you may be reluctant to live tweet at first, you simply need to look at it as another way to engage and interact with people who are interested in your business or ancillary aspects of the industry you serve.

Let’s look at an example of how a business can use live tweeting to its advantage. Say you are a mountain outfitter and sell skiing and snowboarding apparel, equipment and related services. As a mountain outfitter, your business could take advantage of big skiing and snowboarding events by live tweeting the coverage of the event from your perspective.

It is a great opportunity to show the human side of your business, engage with people who are interested in skiing and snowboarding and establish yourself within the community as an authority. You can participate in national, regional and local events by live tweeting and interacting with ski and snowboard enthusiasts. While you may not make any sales from this activity, you’ll be keeping your business in the forefront of the minds of ski and snowboard fans who might someday patronize your business.

Here are 5 reasons why you should be live tweeting during events that are relevant to your niche:

1.Increase engagement. You can engage with your followers by live tweeting events. At the same time, you’ll be nurturing relationships with people who share an interest in the community you serve. The Twitter users you are interacting with while you live tweet may visit your website out of curiosity or even ask you about your business in the course of the event. In any case, you’ll be engaging with people on social media and this is always a good thing for your overall online presence.

2.Build authority. Live tweeting is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and expert perspective on events as they unfold. You can contribute to a conversation as it takes place online. If you do it right, your live tweets will be a valuable contribution that will gain you authority within the community you serve. Over time, Twitter users will turn to you for your perspective as events unfold and you’ll ultimately be building authority within your industry.

3.Grow your following. You will inevitably grow your Twitter following if you are participating in live Twitter conversations. If you are interesting and offer valuable insights into the event you are live tweeting about, people will naturally follow you in order to gain insights on a regular basis from your Twitter feed.

4.Generate leads. In the process of live tweeting and picking up new followers, you will increase your odds of generating leads. People who find your tweets interesting will likely visit your website to learn about your business, products and services. They may not become a customer over night, but you’ll be at least be passively generating interest and awareness for your business.

5.Diversify your content. You can increase your online presence by live tweeting on a regular basis. Placing a Twitter feed on your website will help keep your website more interesting and engaging to visitors. In the end, it is just one more way you can provide something of value to the online community and further build your brand.

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