Weekend Reading – February 1, 2013

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L.L. Bean: The importance of relationships in CRM and social in CSR – Every business owner understands the importance of CRM and CSR in today’s business environment. However, how good are most businesses at focusing on the relationships in their customer relationship management strategies or establishing true social connections in their corporate social responsibility programs? In most cases the real relationships and social connections are not made through CRM and CSR.

In this article, the author highlights a touching story of how his relationship developed with L.L. Bean. Essentially, this is a story shows how companies can build brand relationships with customers and together accomplish good things. It is a good reminder for business owners to take advantage of opportunities like the one presented in this article whenever possible. At the end of the day, business is all about relationships and being a socially responsible member of society.
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3 Steps to Building a Solid Media List – Social media has made it easier than ever to pitch ideas to the media. However, unless you are savvy and know how to use social media to your advantage, you can just as easily turn off the media through your attempts to pitch a story.

The key to pitching a story to the media is to target the right media contact for the job. Finding just the right magazine editor or blogger who frequently writes and engages in the discussion surrounding your niche can be easy if you know what to do. This article provides readers with 3 steps to building a strong media list through social media.

The author suggests the first step is to build your media list and then build it a second time using social media. Research the editor’s or blogger’s complete social media presence. Your research will provide you with valuable information and opportunities to engage with him or her. Once you know the person’s preferred social media site, you can tailor your approach based on that knowledge.

The second step is to make use of Twitter lists. Lists on Twitter are often overlooked, but can provide a valuable stream of information for your to monitor. You can create lists based on specific niches or entire industries. Finally, the author suggests you come to understand bloggers and the blogging format. Blogging is quite different than traditional media and needs to be approached differently. Even different types of bloggers will require a different approach based on whether they are blogging for fun or for profit.
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