Weekend Reading – December 7, 2012

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With the rush of the holiday season is upon us, it’s also important to start preparing to position our businesses for success in the new year. This week’s weekend reading list includes inspiration for creative ways to use social media in your marketing and merchandising campaigns, tips to help you improve your storytelling abilities so that you can engage your target demographic, and finally, tips for marketing on the go with your mobile phone.

Mall Introduces Real Life Pinterest Board – Signs of Pinterest’s popularity are springing up everywhere. This article spotlights a promotional display that was unveiled recently at Wsetfield UTC mall in La Jolla, CA. The display is a real-life Pinterest board that showcases products from various retailers in the mall. The mall is running an online promotion in conjunction with the real-life display. While the display is interesting in and of itself, you can use it for inspiration. How could you take advantage of the popularity of Pinterest in your marketing and merchandising efforts?
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Tell Stories & You’ll Boost Sales (Because of How Human Brains Are Wired) – It’s no secret that human beings are programmed to respond to story telling. However, how can you as a small business owner take advantage of this natural human response and boost sales? This article outlines five storytelling tips that will help you connect with your customers through storytelling. The tips are as follows:

  1. Simplicity rules
  2. Be holistic
  3. Interactivity is essential
  4. Authenticity, authenticity, authenticity
  5. A narrative arc has a beginning, middle and end

While these tips sound like basic common sense, they are easy to overlook when you’re  trying hard to engage your customers.
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How to Turn Your Camera Phone into a Search Marketing Tool – Being the owner of a small business, you need to make the best possible use of your time. Often, you’ll be out of the office and only have your phone on hand. While it is great for making calls, responding to emails and keeping you on schedule, you may be overlooking its power as a marketing tool. How many times have you been out in town and had a moment of inspiration? You can quickly pull out your phone to make note of the inspiration. You can also use it to do research, social networking, scan QR codes and even post a quick update to your blog.
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