Weekend Reading: December 21, 2012

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This week’s articles include information about social media marketing, digital gift card solutions and a guide to advertising on LinkedIn for 2013.

Secrets of a Lucrative Social Media Campaign – This article shows you an example of how one business in an admittedly “unsexy” industry was able to launch an extremely successful campaign on social media. HCC offers a supplemental travel medical insurance, so they decided to focus on young backpackers.

The campaign provided this adventure-minded demographic with an interactive guide to preparing for adventure travel. HCC launched the interactive guide on their blog first and then promoted it through their social networks. They estimate that within just a few weeks, the campaign netted them a 96 percent increase in sales.

How can you use this model to up the appeal of your business in your social media campaigns?
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Square Now Sells Digital Gift Cards – Up until now, gift cards have been somewhat out of reach for small businesses. However, Square, the popular mobile payment processor is now offering a digital gift card service. This service will make gift cards accessible to smaller businesses. Customers will be able to take advantage of the convenience of having a digital gift card rather than carry around one more piece of plastic in their wallets or pocketbooks.

Gift cards can be purchased through the Square Wallet App on iPhone, iPad or Android devices. The app enables users to browse through the gift cards of thousands of businesses who have partnered with Square. Because many small businesses lack the infrastructure for gift cards, this may be a viable option for them to cash in on the gift card market.
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Advertising on LinkedIn: Your Guide for 2013 – LinkedIn is a powerful and perhaps, often overlooked resources for businesses. In fact, LinkedIn claims to be the largest professional network on the web with over 187 million users worldwide. For this reason alone, it may be worth considering advertising on LinkedIn. The article provides a number of helpful tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of your advertising campaigns on LinkedIn for 2013.

Some of the topics covered in the article include tips for bids and budgets, targeting, creative, and optimizations you can make to your LinkedIn ads. Combined, these tips should help you improve your advertising prospects on the popular professional networking site.
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