How to Launch an Email Marketing Campaign

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Email marketing is still an important part of any marketing strategy. In fact, an email marketing campaign can be an extremely effective way to engage existing users and attract new prospects. However, if you are like most small business owners, you have little time or resources to devote to launching an effective email marketing campaign. Here are three tips to help you launch a successful email marketing campaign:

1.Make a lasting first impression. First impressions in an email can mean the difference of it being flagged as spam or it being starred for later reading. Pay attention to your brand messaging in everything from your subject line to the body of the email to the way you sign it. The graphics, layout and text of the email should tell a story about your brand in a way that will engage the recipient. Every last detail of the email is critical to its success. A large image within the email can evoke an emotional response and help the recipient relate to the story within the email. Work closely with your website designer to create a strong layout and compelling graphics for every email in your campaign.

2.Invite your audience into the conversation. A successful email marketing campaign will have a strong call to action. However, instead of simply selling the recipients on a product or service, sell them on your brand. Invite them to engage with your brand by actively participating in your brand’s lifestyle. The images and text of your email must be engaging and colorful in order to evoke a response from your audience. In order to be effective, you’ll need this call to action to be a powerful emotional response. Use editorial pictures, tell stories about customers and invite recipients to join in on the conversation.

3.Track analytics and adjust your campaign accordingly. Work with your website designer to set up an easy to understand analytics system for your email marketing campaign. Closely monitor and track your analytics so that you can learn from those metrics and adapt accordingly. The one advantage you have as a small business is the ability to quickly respond to the market. If your audience isn’t responding well to certain aspects of your campaign, you can remove them. Instead, you can build out the areas that are getting the best response in future emails in the campaign. Gradually you will see an improvement in your overall metrics as you adjust to audience preferences.

Following these three tips will help you to launch a successful email marketing campaign with relative ease. Working closely with a trusted web design firm will help you create a streamlined and well-branded email campaign that you can easily track, evaluate and adapt over time. Combined with social media and your website, you will be able to harness the response you get from your email marketing campaign to grow your business.

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