Firefox Launches Touch Browser for Windows 8

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8PODwBXKk4L201m4IO1wifRDfbn4Q1JxNxOzj-5TXPJ85_S-vOqntLi7TsVyeFQM0w4=w300Mozilla recently launched a full public beta version of its touch browser for Windows 8. During development, Mozilla called the touch browser Firefox Metro. However, it launched under a new name, Firefox for Windows 8 Touch. The name precisely describes the purpose of the new browser that has been in development for two years. The browser, now in beta, is optimized for the Windows 8 Modern UI.

Early adopters who use the beta version of Firefox for Windows 8 Touch will notice the Firefox start screen. This appears when the app is launched, giving the user a quick overview of top sites, bookmarks and browsing history. The browser fully integrates the Modern UI’s touch gestures including pinch-to-zoom and one-touch swipe transitions. Perhaps one of the most handy features the browser makes use of is the Snap feature, which places it conveniently side-by-side with other apps on the screen.

Social sharing is made simple with Firefox for Windows 8 Touch because it integrates the Windows Share Charm. This makes web pages and extracts easy to share with a user’s social networks. A simple swipe from the right edge of the display makes the Share Charm accessible.

Even though Firefox for Windows 8 Touch is currently in beta, it is an important step toward integrating the immensely popular browser into Windows 8. It will create a more intuitive browsing experience for Windows 8 users. There’s no doubt the new browser is an important development for mobile users, but what does this mean for business owners?

With more Internet users turning to their mobile devices to access business websites, an interactive browser like Firefox for Windows 8 Touch will be an important development. Since users can easily share web pages on social media with the browser, there is an opportunity for businesses to gain more social network interaction.

Determine how your business can encourage users to share your web pages and implement a plan to increase interaction. You may also want to check in with your web designer to make sure your website will perform seamlessly with the new browser as its full version rolls out from its current beta version.

How can you encourage sharing on your website?

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