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In spite of the recent controversy over Instagram’s terms of use, Instagram is still a very viable social media platform for branding your business. However, unlike some of the other leading social media platforms, Instagram requires a unique approach. In order to establish a successful business presence on Instagram, you’ll need to produce a consistent stream of creative content that will attract the attention of people within your niche. Over time, you’ll be able to establish a solid brand reputation for your business on Instagram and build a strong following.
The following branding tips will help you introduce your brand in innovative ways:

1.Invite users to contribute content. Once you’ve attracted even a small following, you will want to encourage your followers to submit pictures for you to post. It might be pictures of your followers using one of your products or simply a photo of someone doing something representative of your brand’s lifestyle. For example, if you own an art supply store, you might encourage users to submit pictures of their studio space.

2.Show the personal side of your business. Instagram is a nice opportunity to give people a more intimate glimpse at your company. For example, if you own an insurance agency, you might use Instagram to highlight some of your agents either at work or pursuing leisure activities. Users will appreciate the candid shots of your employees and it will make your business as a whole more human and approachable.

3.Showcase your products in use. You need to be careful with this one so it doesn’t come across as advertising. However, if you’re creative, you can present your products in use. For example, if you own a coffee shop, Instagram would be an ideal medium to show the different types of drinks you’re serving up on any given day. Pictures of satisfied customers enjoying the ambiance of your shop may also be interesting to other users who are looking for a way to live vicariously through others.

4.Add text to your photos. There are lots of apps that allow you to add text to your photos on Instagram. People love witty memes and if you’re clever, you could create a meme that will be shared across Instagram. Don’t go overboard. Use text very sparingly as a novelty to break up the rest of the content you share. For example, you may want to lighten up Friday afternoons by posting a humorous photo with accompanying text.

5.Know Instagram’s limitations. Instagram, unlike other social media platforms is mobile. Therefore, you’ll be limited by your ability to take high quality photos with your phone. Always keep your brand in mind when composing photographs to share on Instagram. If a photo isn’t going to further your branding, don’t post it to Instagram. Finally, recruit your most mobile-savvy person to manage your Instagram feed so you’ll be able to represent your brand well.

6.Use hashtags strategically. Hashtags are a great way to listen in on and join the conversation on Instagram. When you’re first starting out, use hashtags to find users who will be interested in your niche. Don’t be pushy, simply start contributing to the communities you’ve found within your niche on Instagram. Once you’re established on Instagram, you’ll want to create your own hashtag. A dedicated hashtag for your business will make it easy for fans to find you on Instagram. You may even want to create hashtags for special promotions you’re running periodically.

While Instagram may not be the best social media platform for driving traffic to your website or even increasing sales, it can be very effective at building brand loyalty. You can establish close connections with your fans on Instagram in ways that you won’t be able to do on other social media platforms. If you have the time and creativity to devote to Instagram, it can be a valuable platform for branding.

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