5 Ways to Market Your Business on Pinterest

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Pinterest was widely popular in 2012 and appears to only be gaining ground as 2013 nears. As a small business owner, Pinterest is an incredible marketing tool for your company. People love browsing boards filled with amazing images from individuals and brands.

Users actively follow brands and Pinterest itself is very business-friendly. In fact, they recently launched a business account feature to make it easier for businesses to use the visually-oriented content sharing site. If you’re just getting started with Pinterest, it may be a little overwhelming. Here are 5 powerful ways to market your business on Pinterest:

1.Educate – Create a Pinterest board that includes all of the helpful resources that you provide to your customers/clients. Pin visually compelling images and link them directly to your resources so that prospects can make explore them directly through Pinterest. Ebooks, white papers and videos are all great resources to link to as resources for your prospects. If you don’t have resources of your own, you can always find resources on the Internet to link to, providing you give proper credit.

2.Receive Feedback – You can create a board on Pinterest to showcase a new product or service and receive valuable feedback. Instead of spending a small fortune on focus groups, get feedback directly from your target market on Pinterest. Feedback on Pinterest comes in a variety of forms. Monitor likes, re-pins and comments on the pins on your feedback board to get an overall picture of what your target market thinks of the new product or service. After you are comfortable with the level of feedback you’ve received, you can adjust your product or service accordingly before bringing it to market.

3.Promote Events – Pinterest is a great way to promote events hosted by your company or within the industry. People who follow you will be happy to learn of new events that are related to your business. Remember to work with your web designer to create stunning visuals for you to pin to this board. Visuals are the reason Pinterest is so popular, so make sure you are promoting your events with images people will want to like, comment on and re-pin. Finally, make sure you link your pins to the website where users can find full details about the event.

4.Showcase Philosophy and Culture – Set up a board that reflects your overall business philosophy and culture. For example, if you are a green landscaping and construction company, you could use the board to pin images of green landscaping and construction projects you’ve done. Mix in some inspirational sayings on green landscapes to round out the visual representation of your company’s philosophy and culture.

5.Feature Your Portfolio – Many businesses are ideally suited to featuring portfolio boards on Pinterest. Before and after shots are always a great thing to include in a portfolio board. Interior designers, landscapers, construction firms, stylists and cosmetic medical professionals all could take advantage of a before and after style Pinterest board. In addition to including before and after images, you could simply pin completed projects.

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