5 Tips to Optimize Your Press Releases

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Press releases are still a valuable resource for small businesses. They can help you reach customers through local publications and also reach prospects online. However, in order to be effective, you’ll need a savvy approach. Editors and reporters are very busy. In order to increase the chances of your press release being read, be sure to follow the standard format. At the same time, you will need to optimize your press releases for search engines and online viewers.

Here are 5 tips to help you create optimized press releases:

1.Include direct links and natural anchor text. Directly link to the content featured in your press release. This will provide the benefit of a links back to your website from reputable sources. Direct links will also provide readers with the ability to seek further information by following the link to your website. Instead of using keywords for anchor text, simply use natural anchor text. Using natural anchor text will make your press releases comply to current SEO standards and also improve the readability of the press release for viewers.

2.Use links sparingly. It can be tempting to add lots of links to your press release in an attempt to direct editors and readers to more information. However, it will make the press release difficult to read. Search engines will view your press release as spam if it contains too many links. A good rule of thumb to use 1 link for 250 words or less, 2 links for up to 400 words, 3 links for up to 750 words and 5 links for up to 1000 words. Keep in mind that press releases should be well under 1000 words. Shorter press releases stand a greater chance of being read by an editor.

3.Include multimedia. Integrating multimedia into your press releases will greatly increase the odds of it being read. Videos, infographics, photos and PDF files are all effective elements to include in your press releases. Add titles to these elements using keywords and phrases that are relevant to the press release. Multimedia improves your content, making it attractive to search engines, readers and editors.

4.Follow the standard press release format. Although you’re updating your overall approach to the press release, you need to follow the standard press release format. Editors will not take your press release seriously and many will not even read it. Remember to keep your headline under 70 characters and use it as the page title. Finally, make your headline as descriptive as possible to grab the attention of readers.

5.Write to engage. Engaging content is critical for a press release. Editors are looking for new, interesting and timely content. If your press releases are not newsworthy and notable, editors will disregard them and readers will quickly stop reading. Include a call-to-action to direct readers to your website for more information and resources. Finally, remember not to try to sell anything in your press release.

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