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Should you bid on your brand name when using paid search?

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The question of whether or not to bid on your brand name when using paid search is up for debate among marketing professionals. Many marketers believe bidding on your brand name is an effective strategy for paid search, while others believe it is not as effective as it has been touted in recent times. Ultimately, […]

How You Can Make Navigation Simpler

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Navigation is problem area for many websites. For some reason, many web designers make the navigation cumbersome or overly complex. It can be really frustrating for users and many will simply leave a website with a complicated navigation system. When it comes to navigation, the simpler, the better. Here are a few tips to help […]

User Control Systems – What’s the right session length?

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When you think of web development, you might not consider user control systems or session lengths. However, these are important web development considerations when you are looking at web authentication, session management and access control. What is a web session? A web session is a sequence of network HTTP request and response transactions that are […]

Does minimalist design work for retailers?

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Minimalist design is stunning. It is captivating. It is timeless. But does it work for retailers? In short, yes. Minimalist design strikes to the heart of web design. The goal of web design is to provide a seamless user experience. In minimalist design, you remove all of the excess design elements that weigh down a […]

Are you using dashboards in Google Analytics?

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If you’re like most business owners, you don’t have a lot of time to spend each day on marketing. Instead, you’re busy keeping your business running smoothly. Keeping up with key performance metrics can be a challenge. However, if you have Google Analytics, you can streamline your daily marketing efforts by using dashboards. Dashboards allow […]

What are the alternatives to WordPress?

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WordPress is, without a doubt, a great content management system. There’s a reason, it’s the go-to content management system for many, many website owners out there. However, it isn’t the end all, be all. Critics of WordPress feel that it has become to bloated by trying to be everything to everyone. If you’re not interested […]

What’s the difference between cloud hosting and a regular web server?

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In recent years, there has been a lot of buzz generated about cloud hosting. It seems to be all anyone is talking about when it comes to web servers. However, if you’re new to owning a website or are looking into hosting for your soon to be launched website, you may be wondering: What’s the […]

What is Parallax design, and why is it so popular right now?

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Parallax web design is wildly popular in the web design community right now largely because it offers a new level of interactivity to websites. The idea of parallax design has been around for a while. In fact, it was widely used as a visual effect in 2D side scrolling video games. In parallax design, the […]

Google Penguin 3.0 – More Changes to How Google Treats Links

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Penguin was launched by Google with the goal of eliminating spam on the Internet. Since 2012, there have been 5 updates. On October 19, Google confirmed to Search Engine Land that it had in fact launched a new update – Penguin 3.0. By all accounts, this update appears to be a data refresh and an […]

What does Google’s Material Design mean for web design?

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Google introduced a new visual design language called Material Design at the 2014 I/O Conference. Since its introduction, Material Design has generated a lot of interest in the design community. The visual language is significant because it addresses many fundamental issues that designers face and will likely have a lasting impact on web design. The […]

What our clients are saying

I want to thank you for your help with our website development project. Your programming skills, attention to detail, and ability to interact directly with our client were excellent. You have provided tremendous value to my organization. With a project of this magnitude, including the use of web services to push data out to 19 sub-websites, your ability to overcome our unique challenges and coordinate with my IT team was exceptional. I appreciate your help, and I am certain that your expertise was key to the project's success. Thanks again, I look forward to working with you on our next endeavor!

~ John Forgione – Executive Vice President – SFA Marketing, Inc.

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