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Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts

The Internet is a turbulent marketplace. One day you may be on the top of the search engine results pages and the next, you may be reeling to regain your ranking. As a business owner, it can be difficult to keep up with the ongoing updates made by Google. However, adapting to Google’s increasingly improving algorithms is essential to your success online. Therefore, you need to stay on top of the SEO industry so you can keep up with current and changing SEO strategies. The following 10 SEO blogs will help you stay up-to-date on SEO news and should be the first place you check when something happens in Google:

1.Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google and SEO – If you’re not familiar with Matt Cutts, he is the head of Google’s Webspam team. His blog should be your first stop when you suspect something might be happening in Google. You can think of him as the Yoda of the SEO world. In fact, you might consider reading his blog on a regular basis to stay on top of SEO. – Moz offers a wealth of resources all in one place. When you’re concerned about SEO, you can visit their community section and also read their blogs. You’ll get a good gauge on what’s happening online with SEO and glean a lot of useful tips from visiting this site regularly.

3.Search Engine Land – Search Engine Land is an excellent resource for current news and information pertaining to SEO, SEM, social media and all things search.

4.SEO Book – In addition to providing the SEO community with educational resources, SEO Book also features a blog that will help keep you informed on SEO and Google.

5.Yoast – This website is focused on helping website owners optimize their websites for SEO, conversion and site speed. Check out their blog and resources section regularly in order to stay on top of the always changing SEO environment. – Econsultancy serves the digital marketing industry and offers a wealth of resources including a research, training, events and jobs section. You’ll want to visit the blog regularly in order to stay current with digital marketing and SEO.

7.Google Inside Search – You can get an in depth understanding of Google search by visiting this site regularly. It provides information about how search works, tips and tricks as well as a blog that you’ll want to include in your regular SEO reading list. – This is Avinash Kaushik’s website. If you’re not familiar with him, Kaushik is  “Director of Research & Analytics at Intuit, Web Analytics Practitioner, Nice guy.” However, he is a whole lot more. Check out his about page to see his experience and accomplishments and while you’re there, be sure to add the blog to your regular reading. He provides a lot of valuable insight into the SEO landscape.

9.Search Engine Journal – Visit Search Engine Journal regularly to stay updated on SEO. In addition to keeping you informed, the site offers a whole host of resources and tools that you can use to your advantage.

10.State of Search – Their tag line is “Where search and  social meet up” and their content stays true to this premise. If you’re serious about improving your site’s SEO, then this should be a staple for you.

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