Custom Web Applications

The process of building a custom web application is much more complex than building a basic informational website. Many custom web applications simply do not meet their objectives. A well-built application will enhance the user experience, not detract from it. If you have web applications on your site, it may be time to reevaluate them. Do they enhance the overall browsing experience? Do they effectively solve a problem? If you are unsure, or the answer is no, then you should consider working with a skilled web developer.

At LionLeaf, we have helped many of our clients streamline their websites by building customized web applications with the end user in mind. We specialize in salvaging failed web application attempts as well as developing new customized solutions for your site. Through the years, we have developed a unique process for bringing applications to life.

Our Web Development Process

1.We work interactively with our clients to identify requirements and create a specifications document to thoroughly define the web application project. The document includes what the application will do and how we plan to build it.

2.In the implementation phase, we program the web application.

3.Once the initial programming is completed, we shift gears and move into the internal quality assurance (QA) phase. During the QA phase, we extensively test the site to detect and resolve any issues. We have a refined QA process and use a number of tools to allow us to efficiently work through this phase of the process.

4.We then ask our clients to perform a review of the web application. During the external review, the client will have the opportunity to request changes or modifications so that we can further refine the project.

5.In the maintenance phase, we continually monitor the web applications we develop. Our clients  often come back to us for future changes and enhancements. While some modifications are small, others involve going through the entire development process again.

We have successfully developed hundreds of web applications using this process. If you're ready to talk about how a custom web application can complement your existing web design, get in touch today and we'll talk!

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What Can A Custom Web Application Do For Your Business?


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