Why You Should Customize Your Facebook Page

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Customizing your Facebook Page is a simple way to extend your current branding and marketing efforts while providing more value for your readers. You should be posting and promoting useful information on your Facebook Page as a way to engage your fans, so why not take that interaction one step further with high-quality and branded images or customized features that will transform your Facebook Page into a central communication hub?

Here are some simple steps that you can take to customize your Facebook Page.

A Like Gate Can Create More Sales and Higher Customer Interaction

This feature is a landing page that can be installed on your Facebook Page. It requests the visor to ‘like’ your page before accessing the information inside. Not only is this an efficient way to capture responsive readers on your page, but the Like Gate can also be customized to offer free or paid incentives for your readers to further your marketing efforts.

This form of branding works best if you have an eBook, a marketing video, or something of value to offer your customers in return for their willingness to ‘like’ your page. This will help you monitor your Facebook Likes and allow warm leads to pass through the gate, creating a more refined and reliable customer promotion tool.

When setting up a Like Gate, go through the steps that you would normally take when setting up a squeeze page (or a sales page). You want establish a strong and consistent message with something of value for your readers. Add a logo, some short text, and make it easy for your customers to know what to do next: like your page and use the free resources you have on offer.

Choosing the Right Cover Photo Can Brand Your Business

With the recent timeline changes on Facebook Pages, corporate branding has never been so easy. Now users have the option to add a cover photo, a billboard of sorts, that visitors view when they land on your page. While Facebook now allows images, try to keep this section free from to specific sales orientated text to stay within the Facebook terms of agreement.

Your cover photo should be 851 pixels by 315 pixels in size. It can be a logo, themed artwork or motivational quote that highlights the message of your business. A simple yet striking cover photo is usually best, but elaborate designs can also be implemented as part of your overall branding strategy. Most businesses will customize their existing logo to prevent stretching an existing design of the wrong scale.

When choosing a cover photo that can brand your business, be sure to use a color scheme that coordinates with your website, business cards and other assorted branding images. Many people choose to create a unique design that fits within the dimensions of their Facebook Page, but stay within the realms of their overall branding image. This will create a uniformed approach throughout your social media networks.

Customizing the Framework of Facebook

While Facebook has a pretty solid branding image that it uses throughout the site, there are ways you can change individual tabs and features of your Facebook Page to work specifically for you. These customizations require an intermediate understanding of HTML code or an ability to concisely follow online tutorials.

You can also add and manage Apps on your Facebook Page that enable you to install customized tabs and features. Many leading companies, such as Aweber or Networked Blogs, have their own free Apps you can install if you use their systems elsewhere. This allows for total integration of your lead generation system and website.

For most small businesses, access to your website blog (preferably an RSS feed) through one tab, a squeeze page that collects lead information in another, and a place to promote an eBook or marketing video is more than enough customization to create an automated system that fans can respond to. Pinpoint Digital also offers custom web applications to take your Facebook customization to the next level.

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