Using QR Codes for Marketing

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Quick Response (QR) codes are, without a doubt, one of the most popular forms of advertising in recent years. Perhaps you’ve seen these familiar black and white “scan here” tags on consumer products, in advertising print or on the Internet. Maybe you even have one (or some) that you use to promote your company, but have you ever stopped to wonder why they are popular?

For years, similar technology has been widely available and even commonly used in our day-to-day lives, but the recent boom in QR codes has left a few, less tech-savvy marketers wondering why. For those of you who don’t know, a QR code can be likened to a traditional bar-code, whereby a reader is able to scan the code, recall the data and trigger some action to be performed on that data.  Typically a QR code will translate into a web site link or an image.

QR codes are interesting to consumers because they offer an immediate information exchange.  The consumer is able to convert an otherwise meaningless blob of dots into something that can see while the advertiser knows that another consumer was interested in that specific QR code.

QR codes are becoming increasingly popular in advertisements, business cards and in other marketing materials.  This is in part because of their novelty but also for the practical reason that it’s easier to scan in a QR code than to type in a URL.  Modern smart phones have made it easier than ever to read QR codes.

Free QR Code Generator

Generating a QR code is easy and there are numerous free tools online for doing this.  At Pinpoint Digital, LLC we have our own free QR code generator.

Sample QR Code

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