Why Are Infographics So Popular?

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As you are probably aware, information graphics or infographics as they are commonly called, are incredibly popular. Although the infographic has been around for a long time, they have seen a rise in popularity among both content producers and users. Why are they so popular?

  • Easy to view and understand. They visually represent information in a way that can be quickly and easily consumed. Complex information can be simplified in a stunning visual format, making it attractive to people who lead busy lifestyles.
  • Easy to share with colleagues, clients and friends. Social media is a dominant part of life for a growing number of people. Infographics make it easy for people to contribute interesting content to their social media followers.
  • Compelling and engaging. Infographics capture people’s attention and engage them with stunning visuals. In a social media stream full of text, an infographic will stand out. The same is true for a website or blog where they create a point of interest in a page filled with blocks of text. Users are naturally drawn to infographics and therefore, they spend more time engaging with the content as a whole.
  • Quickly summarize information. Internet users are mainly looking for quick bits of information. Infographics provide digestable bits of information that people can grab on the go.
  • Great source of content for website owners and bloggers. Generating a consistent stream of content on websites and blogs can be challenging for anyone, let alone a busy business owner. Infographics are a great way to fill sites with content that users will find interesting and engaging.
  • Effective link bait. Link bait is essentially any content that is designed to attract attention and encourage people to link to the website. In marketing, link bait can be very powerful and effective. While some website owners try to sensationalize in order to earn links, many are now catching on to using infographics as link bait. After all, people love them and actually want to link to them.

Above all, infographics are becoming an essential form of online content for both users and website owners. If you’re looking to increase engagement with your website and social media networks, then you really should consider using infographics. Working with your web designer, you can create impressive infographics that will enhance your web or blog content and ultimately lead to more user engagement. A final consideration is to make sure your infographics are easy to share.

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