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Looking to make a massive impact on your website? Consider using whole page background images. Whole page images can be captivating if they are executed by a skilled web design expert. There’s really no better way to immediately draw a user into a page than with a whole page background image. The trick is to determine when and where to use this technique within your overall website design. Landing pages and portfolios for Web Design CT are the obvious choices, but you can also accent certain pages throughout your site with whole page backgrounds.

Here are a few tips to help you maximize the impact of whole page background images:

Page Selection
What pages in your website would benefit from whole page background images? Landing pages are an ideal choice for a whole page background image because the purpose of the page is to call the user to action. Set the scene for your users’ entire experience on your website with a compelling whole page background image on your landing page.

While landing pages are a great option, you might also choose to highlight certain pages throughout your website such as product or service pages. Whole page background images are an excellent way to evoke a powerful call to action on these pages. Work with your web designer to integrate whole page background images into your overall web design for a seamless user experience.

Image Selection
For the most impact, you’re going to want to carefully select the images you use as your whole page backgrounds. Images are a powerful means of communication. What story do you want to tell through your whole page background images? For example, say you are an online farm and garden retailer. You might want to feature large images of seeds, flourishing gardens full of vegetables and traditional harvest images throughout your site. The goal of whole page background images is to draw the user into the page through the visual impact of the imagery and the stories they tell.

Use Restraint
It’s easy to get carried away with whole page background images. If you have lots of gorgeous images you want to integrate into your website design, you’re going to have to be selective. While it’s true that whole page backgrounds have massive impact, they can lose that impact quickly if you use to many throughout your site. Work with your web designer to put together a web design with just the right combination of whole page background images and standard backgrounds for maximum impact.


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