What makes a beautiful website?

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1445454_72095275As business owners, we all want a beautiful website. However, what makes a beautiful website? We’ve all heard the saying, “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” But, perhaps we can all agree on some elements of design that contribute to the beauty of a website.

Stunning Imagery
Websites are a visual form of media. As a result, much of their beauty comes from gorgeous images. Instead of using stock photographs for your website, you can achieve beauty by integrating custom images into your web design. Creating photographic works of art to showcase throughout your web pages is a simple way to add beauty to your website.

White Space
Beautiful websites feature lots of white space around their page elements. There is an inherent beauty in simplicity. White space allows the eyes to focus on each page element without any distractions. While it can be tempting to fill every pixel of your site with “stuff,” avoid it at all costs. Instead, try to create a gallery where you can showcase your page elements.

The selection of a color palette is a key consideration when you’re setting out to achieve a beautiful web design. Work closely with your web designer to select the perfect color scheme for your website. Your color choices need to complement your page elements and represent your brand identity. Allow for plenty of time to select just the right colors for your website.

While it may be easy to overlook, your selection of typography can greatly impact the beauty of your website. Most people don’t notice the typography unless it is particularly egregious or particularly beautiful. Discuss your typography choices with your web designer to make a refined, beautiful selection.

Cohesive Design
What makes a beautiful website? Ask 10 people and you’ll likely get 10 different answers. However, most would agree that a cohesive design is integral to a beautiful website. A cohesive design will allow all of your page elements and design elements come together to form a stunning canvas.

What do you think makes a website beautiful?

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