What is viral marketing?

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Untitled-1By now, most people have seen a viral video. These types of videos usually generate crowds of people around desks in the office or get spread through emails or on social networks. The viral video is part of an overall marketing strategy called viral marketing.

Viral marketing is a strategy used to generate buzz about a product or service by spreading it from person to person via the Internet. A viral marketing campaign usually is done through email or social media. It could be a video, meme or something else people find entertaining, useful or otherwise engaging.

The concept is simple, create something irresistible that people will want to share. Unfortunately, too many businesses have jumped onto the viral marketing bandwagon without knowing how to successfully implement a viral campaign. Creating the viral content is the easy part. Creating the connection to what you’re trying to promote is the hard part. In other words, it doesn’t matter if your YouTube video got a huge number of views if it didn’t achieve your marketing goals.

In order to be successful, viral marketing needs to actually help market your business, service or product you’re trying to promote. Too many businesses focus on trying to figure out what will go viral and neglect to connect the viral content to their business. If you’re keyed into you’re target demographic, chances are you know what meme or video or graphic will go viral with your customers. But how do you get the people who will share your viral content to take action?

Viral marketing needs to consist of the spark that will ignite your target demographic like a wildfire. But it also needs to consist of the fuel that will keep the fire burning. As you plan your next viral marketing campaign, pay equal attention to creating a call to action into your content. You need your video or meme to go viral, but you also need those who view and share it to take action.

There’s no set formula for success in viral marketing. Many viral marketing campaigns fail. However, you’ll improve your chances if you develop a plan with purpose and thought. Too many businesses leave the success of their viral marketing to chance. While the viral video or meme might look like it was off the cuff, there’s usually a great deal of thought and planning behind the ones that actually succeed.

Have you ever attempted viral marketing?

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