What is link popularity?

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seo-1287369-mLink popularity is a marketing term in search engine optimization (SEO) that is used to describe the value of a website. The measurement is based on the quantity of quality inbound links (backlinks) to a website’s pages. While the search engines use complex algorithms to determine website placement in the search engine results pages (SERPs), link popularity plays an important role.

Is link popularity a consideration in your online marketing strategy? Link popularity plays an important role in how search engines rank your website. This in turn affects where your website is placed in the SERPs. As a business, you need to be focused on being at the top of the results pages.

So how can you improve your link popularity? You need to employ a marketing strategy to gain high quality inbound and outbound links to your website. Your inbound and outbound links need to be both relevant and popular in order to help improve your own link popularity.

Work with your web designer to help you refine your anchor text so that it accurately describes the link. Anchor text is an important consideration in evaluating the quality of links. Develop an ongoing strategy with your marketing professional to make sure that anchor text is relevant for both internal and external links to your site.

In order to improve your link popularity, you need to assess your current inbound and outbound links. Once your links have been evaluated, you’ll be able to develop a longterm SEO strategy to improve your website’s link popularity. You may need to address a number of poorly placed links pointing to your site or you may need to increase the number of quality inbound links in order to boost your link popularity. Your marketing professional will be able to guide you through the entire process.

Does your current  SEO strategy address link popularity?

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