What is Instagram Hyperlapse?

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phprfphtrWhat’s all the hype over Hyperlapse? Instagram is known for its photo-filtering app of the same name. Many businesses have successfully integrated Instagram into their digital marketing strategies since the launch of the popular app. Last week, Instagram launched a new app called Hyperlapse. The new app is designed to improve time-lapse video recorded on iOS devices.

Right now, Hyperlapse has limited availability. It is currently available on select Apple iOS devices. Users start off by capturing a single video on their device. Once the video is captured, the Hyperlapse app improves the video quality by smoothing out the footage. Users can opt to slow down or speed up the video. Once users finish making enhancements, they can share it online via Instagram or other services.

While the app’s image stabilization feature works well, it lacks some of the features Vine users may be accustomed to such as the ability to record several takes to create stop-motion animation or import video already stored on the device. Still, the app is independent of Instagram, so you don’t need to have an Instagram account to use Hyperlapse.

Hyperlapse users will appreciate the ability to create higher quality videos with their iOS devices. Does Instagram’s Hyperlapse have a viable digital marketing application? While it’s too early to say, it seems reasonable to believe that marketers will be able to successfully use Hyperlaps to create higher quality videos to share with social media users. Improved video quality will help establish a more professional brand image and make the content marketers are sharing more engaging to watch.

Digital marketing professionals now have another tool in their toolbox for sharing engaging video content with their users. The creative potential of Hyperlapse is still untapped. However, with the ability to speed up or slow down videos using Hyperlapse, we are likely to see a wealth of creative videos spring up in the coming weeks as digital marketers begin using the app.

Do you plan to integrate Instagram Hyperlapse into your digital marketing toolbox?

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