What is Content Marketing?

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search-magnifying glassThe Internet and marketing world is abuzz with the idea of content marketing. In fact, it is being heralded as the single most important action businesses can take to improve their website’s search engine optimization (SEO). At this point, everyone has accepted the importance of content marketing, but what is it? Content marketing is when a business provides its website users with a consistent source of valuable content in the hopes of gaining their trust and one day, their business and loyalty.

Search engines reward websites for providing their users with relevant, valuable content. After all, the goal of search engines is to provide their users with high quality search results. Therefore, if you consistently provide quality content that is optimized for the search engines, you will see an improvement in your website’s search engine results page rankings.

While many business owners view content marketing solely as a part of their overall SEO strategy, it is actually much more important. A strong content marketing strategy can improve the conversion rate of a website, establish the business as an industry leader and build brand loyalty.
Unlike traditional marketing, content marketing doesn’t try to sell readers on a product or service. Instead, it seeks to provide valuable and interesting information. The goal is to build a loyal readership and establish trust. Readers will return to the website for the content and when the time comes, many will purchase the business’s products and services.

Content marketing is subtle and can be considered non-interruption style marketing. While advertisements interrupt a visitors consumption of information or entertainment, content marketing contributes interesting information to readers. Ultimately, it is more powerful than traditional marketing, because readers aren’t turned off by the message. Instead, they will be enriched and empowered by the content.

When you set out to develop a content marketing strategy, you need to consider what content will attract the kinds of people who would be interested in your products and services. Using carefully researched keywords will attract visitors to your website who are actually seeking out the information you provide. Combined with keywords, careful content curation will ensure an increase in traffic that converts.

Finally, keep in mind that the key to content marketing is to understand why visitors are coming to your business’s website. What do they want to know? What problems are they seeking to solve? If you’re able to get inside the heads of your visitors, you’ll be able to develop a successful content marketing strategy that will build customer trust and loyalty.

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