What is a WordPress Framework?

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wp-logo-largeIn order to understand what a WordPress framework is, it’s important to understand the concept of a WordPress theme. A WordPress theme controls what your site looks like. If you’ve ever launched a basic WordPress blog or website, chances are you’ve looked at a wide variety of WordPress themes. A theme is a pre-packaged design for your WordPress website.

While a WordPress framework also controls how your blog or website looks, it is a bit different from a WordPress theme. A theme contains all of the design components and programming to power the design. Everything for your blog or web design is contained within the theme.

Instead of everything being contained within the theme, a framework separates most of the programming from the design. The design layer of your blog or website is generally contained within what is called a child theme. The programming is contained within the framework and the design is contained within the child theme.

As a result, a framework has a couple of advantages over a standard theme. A framework can be upgraded without altering design customizations. Additionally, a framework generally comes with a wide range of built-in capabilities which allows for shorter code. Therefore, a WordPress framework is really a better option for blog and website owners looking to make future upgrades.

If have an existing WordPress blog or website powered by a theme, you can work with a website designer to maintain its appearance while transitioning to a framework. Once you’ve transitioned, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of using a framework as opposed to a standard WordPress theme.

Is a WordPress framework right for your online presence? Ultimately, you’ll have to decide. The best thing to do is discuss it with your web designer. Not every blog or website needs to make use of a framework. However, many can benefit from the advantages it offers over a standard theme.

Ready to transition to a WordPress framework? You have the option of going with one of the many frameworks already available or working with a web design professional to develop a custom framework. While there are some great frameworks on the market, you will want to discuss the advantages and disadvantages to each one you are considering with your web designer. In the end, you may decide that your blog or website would benefit from a custom solution.

Do you use a WordPress framework?

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