What is a squeeze page?

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761892_23934596A squeeze page is a type of landing page designed to solicit a wide range of opt-in actions by web users. These opt-in actions can range from signing up for a mailing list to subscribing to promoting the purchase of a new product or service. Successful squeeze pages are narrowly focused on their target demographic and feature a strong call-to-action.

If you browse the web with any frequency, chances are you’ve come across many squeeze pages. Some are more successful than others. What factors contribute to a successful squeeze page?

In order to be successful, a squeeze page needs to be well thought out and carefully designed with the target demographic in mind. Many businesses make the mistake of designing a squeeze page with broad appeal rather than honing in on a niche. This usually results in a unsuccessful squeeze page. Avoid the temptation to broaden your page at all costs.

Squeeze pages are often viewed as spam. In fact, Google has targeted them as spam. In order to create a successful squeeze page, you’ll need to provide value to the user. Work with your web designer to integrate high quality content into your squeeze page. Including your blog into the squeeze page design might be one viable option to making your squeeze page relevant and useful.

If you have never used a squeeze page before, you might consider integrating them into your digital marketing strategy. Squeeze pages often generate high quality leads and can really give your conversion rates a boost.

You might start off by working with your web designer to create a squeeze page for a mailing list. People who sign up on your squeeze page are going to be great leads. You’ll be able to reach them directly with effective marketing collateral on a regular basis, which will be incredibly valuable.

What tips do you have for getting started with squeeze pages?

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