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SEO Objectives – Why Getting On the First Page of Google Isn’t the Only Goal – Getting to the top of page one on a leading search engine such as Google a goal most businesses hope to achieve. However, according to Oscar Wood of Wisdek, a full service search engine marketing company, being at the top of Google shouldn’t be your only goal in terms of your search engine optimization (SEO) objectives. As he points out, reaching the first page of search engine results pages is important, but you need to be focused on a few other issues as well.

For one, Wood cautions businesses that they need to be aware of what search terms land them at the top of the search engine results page. In other words, you want to be on page one for search terms that directly relate to your business. Otherwise users will simply skip over your site and opt for the more relevant website. He also cautions business owners to keep their eye on the quality of their listing and the number of search engine results pages their website shows up on. Finally, he suggests businesses focus on the bigger picture and concentrate on maintaining their position, increasing their page rank and overall online reputation.
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Slow Websites Cost Retailers Billions – Speed is all a matter of perception. For those who remember the early days of the Internet on dial-up, pages load at light-speed today. However, over time, even those who used dial-up have come to expect pages to load in the blink of an eye. As a business owner, you need to be hyper-aware of the speed and performance of your website.

Mere seconds of loading time could be costing you business. According to this article, Amazon estimated that just a one-second delay would cost them $1.6 billion annually. The article suggests that according to research, most users expect a website to load in three seconds. If your website isn’t loading within this window of time, chances are many users will be visiting your competition. Therefore, you need to be working closely with your website designer to ensure that your website is performing optimally at all times.
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Pinterest Tops Facebook in Driving Ecommerce – Most businesses are aware of the importance of Facebook in their social media marketing repertoire. However, it may surprise many business owners and even social media experts to learn that Pinterest has actually outpaced Facebook in driving ecommerce. Plus, user habits on Pinterest are more ecommerce oriented. According to the article, over 70 percent of the Pinterest users use the social pin-board site for shopping inspiration compared to only 17 percent of Facebook users. Currently, Pinterest has over 10 million users, so this is quite significant for businesses. Also, users on Pinterest are more engaged with brands with 66 percent of users who say they regularly follow and re-pin retailers. Facebook does outshine Pinterest in terms of reach and sending traffic to websites. Still, as a business owner, you should consider working with your web designer to launch a social media strategy for Pinterest, especially if you are a retailer or run an ecommerce website.
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