Weekend Reading – November 23, 2012

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The day after Thanksgiving for some is a crazy day of shopping. However, as a business owner, it often pays to step back from the frantic rush and gain a broader perspective. These articles each provide insights that will allow you to improve your business’s overall online strategy.

5 Things Auto Brands Can Teach You About Online Marketing – Online marketing is tricky business. There are lots of different opinions on how to best approach online marketing. While it can be confusing, there is one industry that you can look to as a gauge of what’s actually working in the world of online marketing – the automotive industry.

The auto manufacturers are always a reliable source to turn to for current and effective online marketing trends. Why? Automotive companies speak to a broad demographic. In other industries, online advertising takes a back seat. Online advertising in the automotive industry is on the rise. As a result, these companies have the resources to dedicate to effective digital advertising campaigns. You can learn a lot from looking at how these companies run their online advertising.
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2013: The Year of Social Merchandising – Most businesses have embraced social media as a powerful business tool. However, it is still in its infancy. Businesses have just scratched the surface in terms of the potential that social media holds.

Right now, most businesses are using social media to serve a variety of purposes. Many businesses use it to gain insight into their customers and grow awareness about their brand in order to optimize their online marketing efforts. Also, a lot of businesses are now using social media marketing effectively to promote their products and services.

The newest trend to emerge from social media is a term called social merchandising. As the popularity of social media sites like Pinterest has grown, businesses have begun using them as a sort of social merchandising space. Social merchandising is essentially a virtual window display. It is a powerful resource for businesses and the author is predicting social merchandising to be the big social media trend of 2013.
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Why Mobile Marketing Is Such a Headache for Marketers – Mobile marketing can be a headache for marketers for a number of reasons which this article outlines. These include a lack of behavioral targeting, a lack or deficiency of media rich ads, fewer connected readers, apps, difficulty of measurement and the presence of multiple platforms. While all of these can be serious headaches, the savvy mobile marketer will see these problematic areas and use them to create a multi-faceted campaign. Use each problem area as a target for improving the campaign and your mobile marketing efforts will increase in both efficiency and effectiveness.
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