Weekend Reading – November 16, 2012

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Now You Can Add Interactive Images to Your Tweets – Twitter rolled out a feature called cards earlier this year. Cards allowed online media publishers to provide quick snapshots of content. These snapshots could include brief summaries and article photos in tweets. The beauty of cards is that the content, linked pictures and videos could be quickly viewed, without leaving Twitter. ThingLink just launched a new feature that enables interactive images.

These interactive images can include links to other digital content. You can compare it to an image map, however, in a new context. As a business, you might want to link to your social networks, contact forms, website pages and more by way of these interactive images.

This powerful new feature can open up more advanced possibilities for increased interactivity through your social media marketing. You may want to work with your web designer to create cards and interactive images through ThingLink in order to make the most of these features.

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Mobile Connected Shopper – It’s A Guy! – When you think of the typical mobile connected shopper, you may think of female shoppers in the 18 to 34 demographic. However, a new study by Vibes in their Mobile Consumer Report suggests a different shopper altogether. According to their report, more than half of mobile connected shoppers are actually male. Of those male shoppers, one-third are over the age of 45.  Income doesn’t seem to play a large role in mobile shopping behavior for the mobile connected male demographic.

So what are these male shoppers using their mobile devices for when shopping? Not surprisingly, 54 percent of users have used their mobile devices to compare prices and 51 percent have researched product reviews. Barcode scanning, mobile app usage and mobile website browsing were also common activities among users in this demographic.

The research indicates that there is an increasing trend toward mobile device usage while shopping. Users are becoming more comfortable with their devices and appear to desire a mobile experience while shopping. As a business owner, you should work toward providing your customers with a satisfying mobile experience while shopping.

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3 Ways to Promote Your Brand Without Facebook – As Facebook gradually moves towards requiring brands to pay for exposure, many small businesses are looking for alternatives to Facebook as their “go-to” online and social media marketing strategy. While Facebook can be effective for interacting with your fans, it can be difficult to get exposure without promoted posts.

If you have a limited budget, it may be worth considering the three alternatives for promoting your brand offered in this article. These alternatives include increasing your brand advocacy strategies on and offline, increasing your website to be more brand advocacy and user engagement oriented and placing more emphasis on other social media networks.

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