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What Craft Beer Can Teach You About Storytelling For many craft brewing companies, their story plays nearly as important a role in their business as their actual brews. Discerning customers are often loyal to craft beers because of their overall brand message. As a business owner, this article raises an important question: Are you making the most out of your brand message through your story?

Storytelling can be a powerful way to connect with your customers on a more deep and personal level. If done correctly, you can establish brand loyalty through your storytelling and maintaining a consistent, authentic brand message. This article provides great insight into how craft breweries have successfully branded and marketed themselves through their stories. If you’re looking to improve upon your brand’s story, then this article is well worth a read.
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Why You Should Market Like You (Want to) Cook – At first glance, the premise of this article may seem crazy. After all, what does cooking have to do with marketing? However, the author points out a very real connection that you can apply to your business’s overall marketing strategy.

As the author puts it, “We don’t always think about marketing in terms of a delicious meal, but restaurants and marketers ultimately have the same goals. Give customers a taste of something yummy, satisfy their appetites, and keep them coming back for more.”

Therefore, if you want to improve your marketing, you might want to take a few cues from successful restauranteurs. The article stresses the need for creativity, timing, effective management, the ability to adapt as necessary and tasteful presentation as the keys to success both in the kitchen and in the marketing strategy room.
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3 Ways Your Website is Losing Readers – Face it, your website is probably losing at least a few visitors each day. In some cases, you may be losing business as a result. While you may not think about it, losing visitors should be a very real concern for any business owner. If you’re losing readers, there is a good chance they are visiting your competitor’s website.

This article looks at three ways your website may be losing readers. The author compares the loss of readers on a website to proper wheel alignment. It is something most business owners and vehicle owners, respectively, don’t think about very often, if at all.

The author warns, “Right now, your website may be out of alignment in ways that your eye isn’t trained to see. If so, it’s likely also costing you in traffic and conversions.”

In the article, the author highlights slow load times, subtle design flaws and not-so-subtle design flaws as three of the most common and easily corrected causes for loss of website readership. If you’re concerned with any of these issues after reading the article, then you may want to work with your website designer to address them as soon as possible. You can’t afford to be losing valuable leads to your competitors.
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