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Massive, complex websites were a necessary evil in the early days of the web. In order
to meet the needs of Internet users, website developers had to rely on extensive and
often overly complex coding. Fortunately, technology has advanced and with it has
come the development of simple web applications. Simple web applications can be
custom built to fulfill specific user needs on websites. These applications are more
efficient to code, less prone to errors and easier to troubleshoot. ColdFusion has been
one of the key development languages in the advancement toward web applications.

Developing even a relatively basic website in the early days of the Internet was a time-
consuming task. Because the websites were complex and large, they were open to
more problems. Troubleshooting was often very labor intensive and took a large amount
of time. As simpler coding languages and technology evolved, developers were able to
simplify websites, making the development process more efficient. Instead of spending
vast amounts of time coding and troubleshooting errors, developers are now able
to focus on honing the website’s usability. Developers are now able to identify user
needs on a website and develop custom web applications to solve them quickly and

The shift in paradigm from complex websites to simple applications has greatly
improved the performance of websites. Developers now focus on developing nimble
web applications tailored to the needs of website users. Therefore, if you are in the
market for a new website, you really should consider working with a ColdFusion
web developer. ColdFusion has been leading the charge in the shift to simple web

Websites developed in ColdFusion are more nimble and keyed into the needs of
their users. As a business owner, your website must address the needs of your
prospects and existing customers. A ColdFusion web developer will be able to develop
customized solutions to address the specific needs of your prospects and customers.

In today’s competitive market, your website is too important to neglect. Instead of
setting up a basic website, your really need to work with a web developer who is willing
to tailor the design to the needs of your target market. By developing your website with
ColdFusion web applications, you’ll also be preparing your website for the future.

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I want to thank you for your help with our website development project. Your programming skills, attention to detail, and ability to interact directly with our client were excellent. You have provided tremendous value to my organization. With a project of this magnitude, including the use of web services to push data out to 19 sub-websites, your ability to overcome our unique challenges and coordinate with my IT team was exceptional. I appreciate your help, and I am certain that your expertise was key to the project's success. Thanks again, I look forward to working with you on our next endeavor!

~ John Forgione – Executive Vice President – SFA Marketing, Inc.

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