What is web 3.0

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Web 3.0 is the future generation of the Internet. Many people refer to Web 3.0 as the semantic web. Essentially, it seeks to create a personalized browsing experience with intelligent search and behavioral responses such as advertisements. Content is generated based on the user by machines instead of humans. Virtual items in Web 3.0 become a more valuable commodity than physical items. We see some elements of Web 3.0 emerging in advertising, SEO, social media and paid services on the web. However, we’re mostly still experiencing the Internet through Web 2.0 technology.

The web is continually evolving as technology advances. Currently, Web 3.0 is still a leap into the future. Some hints of it can be seen in the user experiences on mobile devices and even in Windows 8. However, achieving the level of interactivity and awareness for the web that Web 3.0 lays out is likely a distant goal for web design.

Perhaps the closest example of Web 3.0 technology we currently have is Google Glass. Google Glass users are experiencing the early stages of Web 3.0. When it goes mainstream, Google Glass may pave the way for more innovations and bring us closer to a Web 3.0 experience on other devices. However, as technology continues to advance, it will ultimately shape how Web 3.0 develops.

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