Using Pinterest to Promote Your Products

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xISNMehvByzh2OiqV4ozJl1mhoKy_3ngjLny6FXZzlVpzVSsmddw-OosOMEfoy_kSYj9=w300Pinterest is a social media platform that is based on the concept of pin boards. Instead of pinning inspiring visuals on an actual pin board in your creative space at home, you can create and share them on social media.

On Pinterest, users create pin boards for everything from home decor to party planning. If you’re not familiar with the social networking site, spend a little time with it. You’ll be amazed at the diversity of pin boards as well as the stunning visual content found on Pinterest.

So how can you, a business owner, use Pinterest to promote your products. You can begin by setting up an account for your business and establishing a strong brand presence. Focus on creating a wealth of visual content to share on Pinterest. As you get started, you’ll want to integrate Pinterest into your overall marketing strategy. Pinterest should become the driving force behind your visual marketing efforts.

Brand Storytelling
You’ll want to use Pinterest to tell the story of your brand. You will be able to promote your products as you engage in brand storytelling. Instead of directly selling your products, you’ll want to sell your brand’s lifestyle. In visual marketing, you’ll want to carefully craft the story your visual content tells with each pin and pin board you create on Pinterest. Inspire your target demographic through the stunning visual content you create and share.

Promote Pinterest
Don’t be afraid to create promotional tags to include on your product displays directing customers to your Pinterest account or to specific pins. For example, say you sell sporting goods. You might place a promotional tag or sign with a hiking shirt or pants and direct customers to a pin that showcases an entire outfit or gear load out for a weekend hike.

This will allow you to promote more products while the customer is viewing a single product. If your pin is inspiring, the customer may go on to buy more products and even start planning a weekend hike. You can see how this would likely lead to more gear purchases.

Sell a Lifestyle
Selling a lifestyle is a powerful way to promote your products. Magazines are often very good at selling a lifestyle because of their strong visual content. Draw inspiration from magazines as you sell the lifestyle of your brand. Highlight your products in your lifestyle visuals to subtly promote them on Pinterest.

Keep in mind that 80 percent of Pinterest users are women. Their top interests include fashion, home design, crafts and children. If your target demographic isn’t women with those interests, be creative.

Say you sell sporting goods, you can craft visual content that inspires these users to go out and buy sporting goods as gifts for their significant others or plan a family outing. An example of an engaging pin might be as simple as a family sitting around a campsite toasting marshmallows. Be sure to feature your products in the images you create.

They key on Pinterest it to make a personal connection with your followers. The visual format on Pinterest allows for these connections to be made through inspiring imagery. The old saying, a picture is worth 1000 words has never been more accurate than on Pinterest. Spend some time developing a visual marketing strategy and spend even more time creating gorgeous visual content to share and you’ll be able to promote you products like never before.

Do you currently use Pinterest? Do you have any tips to offer for businesses just getting started?

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