Users Prefer Simplicity

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Internet users prefer simplicity. People who are browsing online are very pragmatic. As a result, your website needs to focus on fulfilling their needs in the simplest way possible.

Avoid creating an overly fancy or complex website as it will only bog users down. Few users, if any will appreciate extra frills. Instead, work closely with your web designer to create an effective website. Make sure each design element serves a purpose.

Creating a user-friendly web design requires planning. Work with your web designer to develop a concise plan for your website. Your web pro will be able to help you maintain a focus on usability. While you may have a great idea, it may not translate well into the format of a website. Be flexible and defer to the experience of your web designer.

For some people, simplicity translates to “boring.” However, simple doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, you can create a gorgeous website and still maintain its simplicity. Think of a high end boutique. It might be sparsely filled, but each piece on display is a thing of beauty.

A simple website needs to be intuitive. But you don’t want to strip your website down too much. Some design elements are necessary to make it intuitive to users. The key is to achieve the right balance.

The end goal should be a simple design where users can quickly and easily navigate your website and accomplish their goal – whether it is finding your hours of operation or purchasing a product or service online.

Think about your favorite websites. What do you like most about them? Most people like clean and uncluttered websites. Simplicity is often very refreshing in a crowded online marketplace. When you clear out the clutter on your website, you can really allow your important content to shine.

Do you strive for simplicity on your website?

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