Use Social Media to Kickstart New Products and Services

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Building excitement and generating anticipation can be challenging for even the largest corporations. In fact, few corporations get it right. So how can you as a small to medium sized business roll out new products and services in a way that gets people excited? Social media is emerging as a proven method for companies of any size. Now, you may not be able to generate as much of a frenzy as Apple each time it releases a new product, but if used strategically, social media can help you successfully launch new products and services.

As you begin planning your launch strategy for your new products and services, you’ll want to keep these questions in mind:

  • Who is your target demographic?
  • Where is this demographic located?
  • Who are the key influencers in this demographic?

Social media can provide you with insights into these questions. Ask your web designer to help you find trends, conversations and influencers that relate to your niche on social media sites. By social listening, you’ll gain valuable information. Tracking key metrics is another powerful way to gain insights into your target demographic. Your web pro will be able to help you monitor and understand these metrics so you can more effectively strategize your new products and services launch.

Once you understand your demographic better, you’ll be able to start developing a strategy to launch your new product or service. Here are the three key areas to focus on when using social media to kickstart new products and services:

1.Landing page – If you really want to build anticipation for new products and services, a landing page will serve you well. A landing page is just what it sounds like, a page where you point visitors to before the launch of your products and services. Your web designer will be able to design an effective landing page that will inform, excite and build a mailing list. Landing pages usually have a few common elements including:
Brief synopsis of products/services to be launched – may be purposely vague to build excitement
Countdown – a countdown timer to the date of the launch
Mailing list sign-up – encourages people to sign up to receive inside information and be the first to know upon launch
Images/graphics – like an advertisement, images and graphics on the landing page need to set the mood for the launch

2.Twitter & Facebook – Once you have a landing page online, you need to start the hype machine going. Twitter and Facebook are going to be the main social media networks where you can share the link to the landing page. Engage your users by providing them with clues, hints or special offers throughout the ramp up to the launch of the products and services. For example, you might do a virtual scavenger hunt that leads to clues or you could offer free trials of the products and services to the first 50 who sign up to the mailing list. Use your creativity and work with your web designer to create an exciting social media marketing campaign for the launch of your new products and services.

3.Pinterest & Instagram – Along with Twitter and Facebook, you can excite Pinterest and Instagram users with stunning images of the your products and services on these social media sites. For example, on Pinterest you could create a board with partial pictures of a product. Each day or each week, you could add another part of the picture so that by the time of launch, the users will see an entire product on the board similar to a puzzle. Ask your web designer to help you link the images to your landing page so that Pinterest users are directed to the product landing page. The possibilities with these visually-based social media sites are only limited by your imagination and creativity.

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