The Importance of Getting Design Right

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Integrating engaging photos into your design is a sure way to grab the attention of visitors to your site.

How important is the quality of your business website’s design? Your website is a virtual representation of your business. Many of your prospects and customers will first come into contact with your business through your website. Therefore, a quality web design is important in representing your business well.

In addition to making a positive impression on visitors to your website, getting design right is important for your search engine ranking. Google and other leading search engines include social signals as part of their ranking algorithm. As a result, it is important for your website to include compelling content. When you are considering design, you want to make sure your website is elegant and visually engaging.

Include images that users will want to share. Over the New Year from 2012-2013, more than 1.1 billion images were shared on Facebook in less than 48 hours. The power of social sharing is immense. In order to tap into this powerful phenomenon, you need to make images on your website attractive and easy to share. Work with your web designer to streamline social sharing and make an effort to create sharable images and content.

While you may not be generating viral content on your website, you can spark a lot of interest by creating infographics and other visual aids. People like sharing infographics and other interesting and easily interpreted graphics. Human interest photographs also are a big hit. Memes are also fun to share, but you want to remember to keep your website professional and representative of your business and brand at all times. Instead of going overboard with memes, you might want to post a meme on a Friday to signal a more casual end to the week for your business.

No matter what kind of visual content you decide to include on your website, you’ll want to carefully curate it to make sure it represents your brand. You can create a powerful presence on the web just through your curation of photos, infographics and other visual graphics.

Coupled with an elegant web design, compelling graphics will attract and keep visitors to your site interested and engaged in your content. A strong web design will enhance the beauty of the images you include on your website. Don’t forget to make your images sharable by integrating social sharing into the design. The end result will be an increase in social sharing and ultimately, you’ll see an improvement in your search engine rankings. All things considered, getting design “right” will help you establish a strong online presence and grow your business.

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