The Importance of Custom Dashboards in Google Analytics

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If you’re like most small business owners, there’s never enough hours in the day to accomplish everything you want or need to complete. As a result, most people have to prioritize what tasks to complete in their day to day routines. Unfortunately, some important tasks get neglected in the process.
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While you may understand the importance of monitoring Google Analytics, you may just be too busy to navigate through the standard dashboard to find key metrics such as visitors, sales and enquiries from marketing channels you’ve invested in. However, eglecting to monitor these metrics simply isn’t an option if you ever want to grow your business.

Instead of neglecting your website’s key metrics altogether, you can work with your web developer to create a custom dashboard so these metrics are easily monitored from one central dashboard. As soon as you log into Google Analytics all of the metrics that are most important to your business can be loaded up on the main screen. This will save time and make monitoring your site’s analytics streamlined.

A custom dashboard will simplify the process of using Google Analytics. Even if you have a busy schedule, you’ll be able to take a few minutes out of your day to evaluate your metrics and make adjustments to your SEO, marketing and sales strategies as needed.

Before you get started, sit down with your web developer and determine what metrics are most important to your business. Your developer will be able to help you through this process so that you end up with an intuitive dashboard that is filled with only the information you need to know to help you grow your business and position it for success long into the future.

You may even want to consider setting up dashboards for different staff members. For example, a custom dashboard can be set up for sales and another for marketing. Each staff member would benefit from the streamlined dashboards that were customized to their specific needs.

Even though it may take a little time to get the custom dashboard developed and online, it will be well worth your time. The time you lose while working with your developer will be quickly made up in increased productivity after you start using your new custom Google Analytics dashboard. You’ll no longer have to neglect your website’s metrics. As a result, you’ll be able to more informed decisions and develop more effective strategies to expand your business.

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