The Growth of Google Chrome

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chrome-logo-1301044215Google is the “go to” search engine. Many people are drawn to Google for its clean, clutter free search page and relevant search results. Google Chrome is equally as streamlined and clean in appearance. Therefore, it’s no surprise that its usage is on the rise. In fact, Chrome’s usage has grown from 34.6 % in December 2011 to 46.9 % in December 2012 to 52.9 % in May 2013 according to

Even though 52.9 percent of users have turned to Google Chrome, a significant number of users are still using other browsers, including 27.7% Firefox and 12.6% Internet Explorer as of May 2013. As a result, it is important to work with your CT web design professional to make sure your website is compatible across browsers

Cross browser compatibility is extremely important because if your website isn’t compatible with the browser your visitors are using, it can impact their overall experience. For example, HTML5 and CSS3 are very popular tools for designing a website. They offer all sorts of exciting new elements for web developers. However, a developer needs to consider what elements to use to ensure compatibility with browsers since some elements are not supported by the common browsers in use today.

Your web professional will be able to help you determine what browsers you need to be compatible with based on analysis of your web traffic. From there, you’ll be able to work together to determine what elements are desired for your website and at the same time make sure they will be compatible with the browsers your site’s visitors are using.

When websites aren’t designed with cross browser compatibility in mind, they can have many issues from one browser to the next. Elements may not function properly, partially load or fail to load altogether. Poor functionality leads to poor user experience. As a business owner, you understand the importance of creating a positive user experience for your prospects and returning customers. Therefore, working with your designer to create and test for cross browser compatibility is very important.

In fact, failing to test for cross browser compatibility may be costing you business. It is critical that your website performs flawlessly regardless of whether your visitors are using Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. Any time a new element is added to your website or other design change is made, you need to be sure it is compatible. After all, the success of your business depends on it

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