The Best Color for Conversion

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colorsIt may surprise you, but color can play a significant role in how your website converts. While it is important to maintain a cohesive online brand presence for your business, you also need to keep color in mind if you want to improve your conversion rate. Color can be used effectively to evoke an emotional response or create a desired mood for your site. Setting the tone for your online presence can be just as important for your branding as it is for conversion. You can work with your CT web design professional to achieve just the right color balance for your site.

What’s the best color for conversion? While there is no color formula for success, some colors will be better for your site than others. The main colors of your site should blend seamlessly with your brand. However, the call to action elements of your site, such as buttons should be in a contrasting color.

In a series of cases studies, various companies have looked at how green vs. red buttons convert. The red buttons overwhelmingly converted higher than the green buttons in these case studies. Therefore, it might seem like red is the best color for conversion. Upon closer examination, however, red simply stood out from the sites main color scheme better than green. So essentially, there is no best color for conversion. Instead, you need to make sure your website contains strong call to action elements. Select a color that stands out from your site’s main colors.

Another consideration when selecting color for conversion is convention. For example, when Bing honed in on the blue color for their links, they were able to increase revenue by $80 million dollars. People are used to links being blue and it bears a remarkable similarity to the color used by Google. Therefore, making sure your color usage matches up to user expectations is often key to conversion on your website.

Refining the call to action elements and colors on your website is a challenging task. As you begin to rethink the colors of your website in terms of conversion, you may want to work closely with your web designer. Your designer will be able to help you achieve a beautiful website with colors that fit your brand and elements that stand out enough to improve conversion. Achieving the right color balance between branding, convention and contrast for your design can give you an edge over your competitors and greatly improve your site’s conversion rate.

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