The 5 Best Designed News Websites

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bbcMany news websites are cluttered, disorganized and difficult to navigate. The same is true of many business websites. By looking at some of the top news websites, you can gain valuable insights as to how you can improve your own website. Here are 5 of the best design news websites:

With lots of white space and clean layout, it’s easy to find the news you’re looking for on BBC’s website. It may be a little plain, but when it comes to finding news quickly, it’s hard to beat. Too many news sites are cluttered and busy. It’s refreshing to be able to quickly find the news.

NPR’s website is easy to navigate and isn’t overwhelming like a lot of news sites. The clean layout and navigation makes it easy to find programs, topics and the top news of the day. The radio content is seamlessly integrated into the design, which makes it easy to consume the news content in various forms of media.

USA Today
With a top navigation featuring news topics and a quick links sidebar, USA Today’s website makes it easy for users to find the news they’re looking for without any effort. The Top News, Most Popular and Trending on Social sections are also helpful for users who are looking to stay current without reading through the entire news offering of the day.

The navigation at the top of Mashable’s website makes it quick and easy to find information. The rest of the page makes it easy to find popular and new content as well as trending topics. While it is a little busy, users can still navigate easily without becoming too distracted or irritated.

The Verge
For users who are interested in technology, science, art and culture, The Verge website offers an interesting and engaging format. It’s easy to navigate and consume the information presented. The Trending Now box at the top of the page makes it easy to see what’s current. Overall, the site is very intuitive.
What other news websites are should be added to the list of top news websites?

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