Spring Colors for Fresh Web Design

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After a long drab winter, is it time to freshen up your website? You can make a powerful impact simply by changing up the colors. Spring colors are a great way to create a fresh web design on your site. Liven up your website with fresh new colors this spring.

Many business owners are reluctant to change their website design. However, a fresh web design can make it feel new and exciting to visitors. The goal of a website is to create a memorable experience and a powerful call to action. Color plays a large role in the overall user experience on a website.

Spring is an opportunity to renew your web design, selecting from a rainbow of seasonal colors. Don’t worry, you don’t need to go crazy with the color scheme. Instead, select a spring inspired color palette. Discuss your preferences with your web designer. Draw inspiration from your products/services as well as your spring surroundings.1343038_35987303

For example, crocuses are one of the first spring flowers to emerge. Often their green leaves and violet, blue, orange and yellow petals poke optimistically through the crisp white snow. Any of these colors could be used as an accent color for your spring web design refresh. Inspiration is everywhere in the spring as leaves and flowers emerge from the dull winter landscape.

The key to a fresh web design for your CT Web Design Company is to capture the essence of your business, products and services in your design. What do you want visitors to your site to feel? What emotional response does your current color scheme elicit? How would you like to change that response for spring?

Colors can play a large role in how people respond to a web page. Discuss your goals with your web designer as you set out to create a fresh new design. Be sure to clearly explain your objectives and be open to collaboration. Your designer will be able to offer valuable insights about color choices. A cohesive web design will come together after working closely with your designer.

Capture the optimism of spring with a fresh web design. Repeat visitors will return to your website and experience an exciting new look. New visitors will arrive to your site and become immersed in the fresh spring color scheme as they browse your products and services.

What do you love most about spring? How can you capture this through spring colors in your new web design?

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