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Social media plays a significant and central role in modern society.  For many of us social media is central to our time online and this has made it a focus of modern marketing.  From Facebook to Twitter and Pinterest to Reddit, marketers are using the social media to further their brands, products and services.  Regardless of the size of your business, there are some important rules for finding success with social media marketing.

Original, quality content: There is a saying that content is king when it comes to building web sites.  However, when it comes to utilizing social media, it is even more important.  Much of the content on the Internet is noise, poorly created content with little original value, simply created for the purposes of appeasing search engines.  On a web site poor content can be overlooked fairly easily.  However, when interacting with others through social media poor content turns people off and stops them from associating with you online.  Good quality content is key to successfully utilizing social media.

Be creative in advertising: How often do you actually read spam or the different fake links that are fervently shared by the bots on Twitter? Obviously this is a form of marketing but it is crude and tricks the user into potentially breaking his computer with malicious software.

Consider the same example with social media. You can advertise your content either conventionally by sharing it all over the web (a mild form of spamming), or by paying Facebook and twitter to advertise your sponsored links. But there are other, more intelligent ways of marketing your content. For example, rather than reading a short post on Facebook you can pitch your business through an illustration – the latter will naturally grab the attention of the reader and interest him instantly.

Create viral content: When content goes viral it spreads through the Internet – fast!  Viral content often breaks out into offline media and results in lots of traffic and attention.  Creating content that causes people to be interested enough to talk about it and spread the word is not easy and you either need to put lots of money and time into it or get very lucky.  Most people who have content that goes viral fall into this latter camp of simply being lucky.  They are in the right place at the right time and capture that amazing photo or video.  We have seen releases from unknown artists grow viral on YouTube and their traffic shoots through the roof overnight, simply by having great content.

When creating content keep in mind that visuals have a greater appeal than simple text.  They also have a tendency to help your content become viral and shareable.

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