Should you redesign your website each year?

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544230_56722149It can be difficult to know how often to redesign your website. Some gurus recommend once every two years, while others suggest a redesign each year. Unfortunately, there’s no set formula for success on the Internet. Determining when to update your web design isn’t an exact science. Perhaps the best thing to do is to sit down with your web designer each year and evaluate your website.

When considering a redesign, you need to determine if your website is producing the results you desire for your business. Over time, even the best performing website can become ineffective. In some cases simply adding new content can revive your existing website. However, you may need to redesign your website for the best results.

Your web designer will be able to help you evaluate and analyze your existing website. In today’s competitive market, your website needs to be performing optimally. Web standards and design trends are constantly changing. While you may not want to chase design trends, you do need to keep up with current web standards and user expectations on your website.

When evaluating your website, you need to look at how much traffic your website is receiving. If your site is receiving a large number of repeat visitors, you will want to redesign your website more frequently. Redesigning your website will prevent it from becoming stagnant and boring to return visitors. Sometimes adding dynamic content will be enough, but if you want to keep it current, a yearly redesign may be necessary.

At the same time, you will not want to drastically change your website. Subtle changes to make it look fresh are better than complete overhauls to your web design. Remember to stay true to your brand. The last thing you want to do is remove popular features or page elements from your website. Be sure to discuss all changes for the redesign with your web designer before taking the leap.

Deciding to redesign your website is not easy. If you’re reluctant, consider waiting until you are ready to refresh your branding or are ready to kick off a new marketing or sales initiative. A major branding/marketing/sales push can be a great way to roll out a website redesign.

As your business evolves from year to year, you may want to redesign your website. Should you redesign your website each year? It really is going to depend upon the circumstances of your business and your website from year to year. If nothing else, you can sit down with your web designer each year, evaluate your website and discuss your current, short term and longterm goals for your website.

How often do you redesign your website?

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