Should you include Pinterest buttons on your website?

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xISNMehvByzh2OiqV4ozJl1mhoKy_3ngjLny6FXZzlVpzVSsmddw-OosOMEfoy_kSYj9=w300Before you rule out Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy, you might reconsider. Pinterest can be a powerful marketing tool for a business websites. If you’re already using a lot of graphics for your branding, you can easily add Pinterest buttons to them as part of your marketing strategy.

Should you include Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy? While it may not be effective for every business, there’s a lot of evidence that female shoppers use Pinterest to compare products side-by-side and build themes for design. So, it really is going to depend upon the type of business and the target demographic.

Pinterest is a visual social media site. Users can put together pin boards based on themes. Themes might include patio designs, room designs, party themes, meals or vacations just to name a few. Just about any idea that can be expressed visually can be found on Pinterest.

Some businesses are better suited to Pinterest marketing than others, but if you’re creative, you will likely be able to use the platform to your benefit. Adding Pinterest buttons to your website can be a great way to increase user engagement and generate more interest in your products or services.

Before you jump into Pinterest, make sure you are willing to invest time into creating compelling graphics. In order for users to pin your images, they will need to be stunning. The best images evoke an emotional response. As users plan their lives on Pinterest, they put together pin boards of the images that capture the essence of what they want in life.

Do some research into your target demographic. Search Pinterest and determine if your demographic is already using Pinterest. Once you know your demographic and their level of Pinterest usage, you’ll be able to decide whether or not to use Pinterest buttons on your website.

Marketing on Pinterest is requires time and planning. You will need to tailor your graphics to the portion of your demographic who is most likely to use Pinterest. Who will pin this graphic? What type of board will this graphic be pinned to? What emotion does this graphic evoke? These are all questions you’ll need to consider with each graphic you add a button to on your website.

Is Pinterest for your business? Ultimately, only you can decide. But, don’t write it off as a passing trend. Pinterest is widely used for people as an idea board for all aspects of their lives. If you can inspire visitors to your website with compelling images, then may you should give it a try.

Do you use Pinterest for your business?

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