Should you change your logo?

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1361061_26986297Your business grows and adapts over time, so why shouldn’t your logo? As a business owner, you understand the importance of responding to the market and adapting to meet its changing needs. However, how often do you think about transforming your logo as changes emerge in the design community. If you’ve been neglecting your logo, there’s a good chance it looks dated. When is the last time you’ve changed your logo?

Many business owners are wary of changing their logo because it represents their brand. A logo is an important part of a business’s brand identity. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t change over time. Look at any major corporation and you’ll note many changes to its through the years. Design trends change and while you may not want to chase every fad, you will want to stay current with your logo design.

Working with your web design professional to update your logo will ensure a seamless and consistent brand presence for your business. Even subtle changes to your logo design can make a significant impact.

For example, you may have a dated color scheme on your logo. Changing the shade of the colors to a contemporary color palette may be all it takes to freshen up your logo. Another subtle change you could make is to the style of the logo. Small changes to the border, layout or fonts in your logo can update it just enough to make it recognizable to your brand and still feel modern.

When making changes to your logo, it’s important to strike a balance. On one hand, you need to maintain the brand recognition of your logo. On the other hand, you need to refresh your logo so that it doesn’t look stale and dated. Rely on the skilled eye of your web designer to redesign your logo. It may be a little scary to alter such an important part of your brand, but updating your logo will be beneficial in the longterm. A fresh logo can really enhance the way your brand is perceived.

How is your brand perceived? Does your current logo represent the essence of your business?

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