Should you be using Twitter to find new customers?

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Twitter+logo+2012Twitter is a very powerful tool for business owners. It can be a great way to connect with your existing customer base. However, it can also be an effective way to find new customers. While many businesses use Twitter to communicate with their existing customers, fewer businesses use its full potential in terms of lead generation.

Should you be using Twitter to find new customers? If you’re already using the social media platform to connect with your existing customers, then the answer is yes. You can easily use Twitter to generate leads.

If you’re not already using Twitter, you may want to decide whether or not it is worth the effort to establish a business presence on the social media platform. In many cases, it will be worth your while to start using Twitter for customer interaction and lead generation.

Aside from organic lead generation through retweets and follows, you can actively use Twitter to find new customers. Do a little research into how your target demographic uses Twitter. Once you’re informed, you can engage in conversations where your target demographic will likely be active.

Twitter is all about interaction and engagement. If you don’t have the time to invest in interacting with Twitter users, then you will want to pass on Twitter as a form of lead generation. However, if you have the time to invest, your interaction in the circles where your target demographic will pay off in the generation of new leads.

Once you’ve established yourself as an interesting, engaging Twitter user, people who are interested in your business will follow you and likely become a customer. This form of lead generation doesn’t happen overnight, but it is a powerful way to find new customers.

For example, if you are a realtor, you might want to find out what Twitter hashtags people who are interested in real estate use to engage in conversations. Begin to follow and gradually participate in these conversations and before long, you’ll be seen as an active participant in the Twitter community where your target demographic frequently engages.

You might also focus on ancillary topics such as interior design, dining, arts and entertainment. People who are interested in real estate in a particular area may also be talking about their interior design interests as well as the arts and entertainment scene where they’re hoping to move. These conversations are all opportunities for you to connect with your target demographic.

What Twitter conversations can you engage in to find new customers?

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