SEO Simplified: 5 Easy Tips to Help You Rank on Google

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SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, should be a simple and reliable process, but often the subject matter is complicated with technical terms that result in misunderstanding or confusion. We’ve broken down five fundamental steps that will help you rank on Google easily so that you have more free time to fine-tune your other marketing efforts.

Blog Daily & Consistently

Blogging serves two main purposes: to connect your readers to your website by way of search engines and to provide valuable insight, establishing you as an expert within your field. Create blog content that includes useful and high-quality information first and foremost. This will ensure that readers keep coming back and may even encourage them to share your message. This form of sharing is called social syndication and is of the highest-value to webmasters, offering even greater results than complicated keywords as Google will pick up on your readers interaction.

Use Only One Keyword

Researching the principles of SEO keywords can often lead webmasters down a never ending tunnel of confusion. If in doubt, simply choose one keyword or phrase and use it consistently (but not over-zealously) throughout your website to brand your business and services. This keyword could be your businesses name, or more usefully, your specific product, service or niche. By remaining simple in your keyword selection, you can expect to see faster results than simply throwing lots of oddly written or ‘targeted’ keywords into your website or blog content.

Include Your Location

One very simple trick to help expand your market is to simply let people know where you are! By adding your location to your website pages and blog, you can expect to see more traffic in a short amount of time. When people search online for a product or service, they will usually include their location to gain results within their immediate area. In addition, users will often be provided with search results based on location information from the search engine itself.

For example, commenting that you are “a web developer in Southington,” rather than simply stating, “I am a web developer,” narrows the field significantly. After all, how many web developers are there in America? Many! This can produce significant traffic targeted to your specific audience while cutting through your competition; plus, everyone loves to buy local!

Why Creating Value Matters More Than SEO

Many people become enthusiastic when approaching quick-fix SEO tactics without understanding that this form of optimization is also heavily dependent upon many changing factors. To ensure a long-lasting and fulfilling website experience your main focus should ultimately be on value, not deceptive tricks to rank faster. This may not produce the fastest results, but you will avoid the risk of your website being closed down due to malpractice, or turning away your customers by giving the impression that you are simply out to make a quick buck (many readers have cottoned onto keywords by now). Value is the heart of any successful business and is the cornerstone of quality SEO.

Don’t Rely on Hearsay or Google Algorithms (Programming)

Remember that search engines were primarily created to locate and share your content, not the other way around. SEO is simply a leveraging tool that can produce faster results, but there are no guarantees and the systems (algorithms) for rating your site are forever changing. Stick with the basics, and you won’t go wrong.

If you write on-topic and produce consistently high-quality, customer-focused content, your site will be readily identified and ultimately see substantial long-term results. If you are unable to fulfill these steps or are still unsure of how to do so, why not ask someone else to do the hard work for you? Pinpoint Digital, LLC specializes in value-based SEO services and is a leading expert within image branding and marketing.

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