Seasonal Web Design – The Best Colors for Winter

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Even small seasonal design changes can make a huge difference in the overall user experience on your website. During the winter months, the outdoor landscape can be monochromatic, bleak and even depressing.  The best colors for winter web design will capture the best winter has to offer with pops of rich, warm and comforting colors.

Exhilarating icy blue backgrounds can be complimented by pops of rich warm colors like cinnamon, maroon and mahogany. Finding the right balance between the starkness of winter and the warmth of rich colors is a challenge, but once achieved, will satisfy visitors to your site as much as a warm cup of hot chocolate does after coming in from an afternoon of sledding.

While you may want to draw inspiration from the winter season for your website, you may not want to redo your entire website. This is completely understandable. Instead of feeling as though you need to change the entire appearance of your website, you can work with your local web designer in CT to make small color changes to your site’s design elements.

Buttons, headers and other graphics can be easily tweaked to make your website festive for the winter season. Rich, warm colors work well to accent cooler shades and tints of blue, white and grey. Don’t be afraid to use bold colors in your design elements. Graphics should call attention to important elements on your page anyway. There is no harm in playing with metallic silvers, blues, reds and purples during the wintertime.

There’s nothing more inviting and cozy than warm wood tones. Depending on your brand, you may want to experiment with deep wood toned colors to accent the more neutral design of your website. What colors excite you on a cold winter day? Draw inspiration from your brand and the experience you want to create for your customers this winter.

What experience do you want to create for your website visitors this winter?

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