ReBranding Your Business for the New Year

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Even though everyone is focused on Thanksgiving and the upcoming holiday shopping season, the new year is upon us. It is an ideal time to start thinking about how your business will look for the new year. If you haven’t updated your business’s branding in a while, the new year may be the perfect time to roll out a fresh new look. Rebranding doesn’t have to be dramatic. In fact, a few subtle changes may be all that is needed to give your company the edge over the competition.

Before you get started, stop and consider how your brand is currently perceived. Then, consider how you would like it to be perceived. Once you’ve decided upon a brand identity that you feel will position your business for future success, you should talk with your web designer to begin working on creating your branding collateral.

Here are 4 areas to look at when rebranding your business:

1.Logo – Your logo is central to your business’s brand. It is seen on everything associated with your business from your stationary to your social media networks. If you do nothing else to enhance your brand, focus on your logo. Work with  your web designer to create a logo that will be compatible with all forms of media including print and online. Finally, consider creating a digital media kit with the help of your designer so that you’re prepared when your business has something newsworthy to announce.

2.Business Cards – Business cards are still just as relevant and useful today as they were 100 years ago. While they may not be as vital to your success, a well designed business card can drive traffic to your website, provide you with valuable leads and ultimately improve your bottom line. Even though people often exchange information via mobile devices, there is still something alluring about a business card. If it’s useful and has a smart design, it will be held onto and maybe even passed on. Work with your web designer to create a design that will drive traffic to your website and social networks. Depending on your industry, you may even want to consider placing a QR code on it that leads to a mobile website, social media profile or even a special promotion.

3.Website – In order to achieve a consistent brand, your website must be redesigned if you are rebranding your business. Again, rebranding doesn’t have to be dramatic. In fact, sometimes a subtle change in color palette or graphics is enough to move your brand forward. Provide your web designer with your vision, but also be open to ideas. Web designers are aware of contemporary design trends, usability standards and will be able to provide you with expert insights.

4.Social Media – Don’t forget to extend your rebranding efforts to your business’s social media profiles. Custom Twitter backgrounds and customized Facebook graphics can provide a seamless brand experience for your Twitter followers and Facebook fans. If you’re new to some of the more visually-based social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram, you might want to consider working with your web pro to create branded profiles for these sites as well. Social media is a wonderful way to extend your brand to your customers and prospects on a more personal level.

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