Promoting Your Website

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Promoting Your Website

If you build it, will they come? Your website, that is. It’s not enough to simply “go live” with a website anymore. Traffic, in the form of customers or visitors, rarely arrives from total passivity. Most successful websites have become so due to rigorous website promotion in one form or another, including a variety of online promotion strategies, as well as some offline.

Online Website Promotions

Promoting your website means you take calculated steps to get your site name out there and available to prospective customers and visitors-those you identify as your target market.

  • Pay Per Click advertising (such as Google AdWords): Offers an affordable way to present your message to prospective customers already searching for similar products or services. Key: Take the time to learn how to build an effective PPC campaign or hire a professional with this specialized know-how.
  • Guest Blogging: Enables you to connect with likeminded bloggers in your niche and build a link back to your site. Key: build relationships with bloggers in your industry/market, first, and offer posts and articles that not only are to your advantage, but also offer something interesting for them to give back to their readership.
  • Article Marketing: Regardless of what some so-called marketing experts say, site promotion via article marketing is alive and well. There are dozens of article marketing sites to choose from. The value here is dual-faceted: link-building and authority-building. Be aware that some article directories have no-follow scripts that diminish the juice you might otherwise get from the backlinks. That said, the larger and more trusted directories-no-follow or not-can help build your relevance and authority within your niche. Key: focus on messages, topics, and content that is not overdone and publish regularly.
  • YouTube Channel: For many website owners, creating videos for your very own YouTube channel lets you leverage a new well of customers. Remember, some customers are much more attuned to the video medium than text and vice versa. Video marketing, then, opens up new doors and can help build back links and drive big traffic.
  • Google Places: Learn how to get your website to show up in local searches with a Google Place Page. [John: link to your site article “Google Places for Your Business”]


Offline Website Promotions

Besides the matter of course online site promotion activities, many observant business owners have taken to leveraging more traditional offline advertising opportunities, including:

  • Print Advertising: Consider your target market before investing these dollars and research your best print outlets, including trade magazines that are sure to have very targeted readership.
  • Radio/TV Advertising: Key: an easy to remember domain name and a catchy spot.
  • Business Cards: Key: have a stash with you at all times and give them out or drop them wherever you go.
  • Direct Response Marketing: Key: identify your target market; avoid blanket promotions and test your sales messaging.
  • Trade Shows: Attend those within your industry or those that dovetail with your product or service. Bring business cards, freebies, and build a contact list.

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