Making the Best Use of Web Fonts to Freshen Your Design

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googlefontsWhen you are satisfied with the overall appearance of your website, you may be reluctant to make any changes. However, it’s important to periodically update the design of your site. Web fonts are a subtle way you can freshen your web design without making drastic changes. Visitors will appreciate a change in the fonts on your website.

The days of having to choose from Arial, Georgia, Times, Verdana and a few other select fonts are over. Today, designers can choose from an endless selection of web fonts. There are many fee-based services offering custom designs. If you’re looking for a distinctive set of web fonts, you may want to go with one of these services. However, there are lots of great fonts out there free of charge.

Google offers hundreds of free web fonts that you can choose from to find just the right style for your website. A carefully chosen web font can improve readability and actually attract the attention of visitors who are browsing your website. If you have great content, you owe it to yourself to freshen up your fonts.

Work with your web design professional to select fonts that are both stylish and easy to read. Choose one or two font families and font weights for your website. Minimizing the number of fonts and weights will help your pages load quickly. Selecting the right web fonts for your website will improve the readability of your web content.

Web fonts should work together to further the aim of your website. If it is informational, the fonts should serve to help users efficiently find information. Selecting fonts can be difficult. You will want your fonts to have both variety and unity. Your web designer will help you focus on the purpose of your website while picking out just the right web fonts.

At the end of the day, your website needs to represent your business and brand. When it’s time to refresh your website, you can make a significant impact, while maintaining your overall design by changing your web fonts. So, what are you waiting for? Freshen your design with new web fonts today.

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