Is Your Website Working For Or Against You?

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Is your web site accomplishing what it needs to in order to be deemed a success?  Or is it simply an expense that has no other value than to allow you to say that your business has a web site?

Most businesses are looking for their web site to generate more business.  However, business owners often think that simply having a web site is enough to accomplish this goal.  In most cases having a successful web site requires more work than simply building a web site.  Success on the web, for many small businesses, requires that their web site becomes a central part of an ongoing marketing strategy.  The following are some questions that you should consider if your web site is not meeting your objectives.

Are you properly monitoring and measuring the results of your online marketing?

  • Are you tracking the leads that you receive to determine which ones came from your web site and which came from other sources?
  • Do you have Google Analytics or some other reporting tool that allows for you to track the sources of your web site traffic and to view the behavior of visitors while on your web site?
  • Do you have clear objectives and criteria for success?  For example, how many leads does your web site need to generate per month in order to be considered successful?

Are you actively engaging with your prospects, customers and stakeholders?

  • Are you utilizing social media to connect and communicate?  Does your web site, email signature and letterhead contain links to your social media profiles?
  • Are you giving people a reason to come back to your site by actively adding relevant content to your web site on a regular basis?
  • Do you send out a newsletter on a regular basis?  Does your web site and offline marketing promote the capturing of email addresses?
  • Are you using live chat software to engage with visitors to your web site?

Is your web site easily findable and navigable?

  • Is your web site the first result when performing a search for your company name?  What about a search for your products or services?
  • Have you applied search engine best practices to your web site?
  • Is it easy to navigate your web site and find what you are looking for?

Is your website mobile friendly?

  • Have you checked your web site reports to determine how frequently people on mobile devices access your web site?
  • Have you confirmed that your web site looks good on an iPhone, Android and Blackberry?
  • Is it easy to navigate your web site on a mobile device?
  • Are all of the features on your web site accessible on a mobile device?

Does your website accurately project your company brand?

  • Does your web site look modern and appear as though you invested time or money into it?
  • Is the content on your web site professional?

Depending on the answers to these questions, and whether or not your web site is accomplishing your goals, you may want to consider reevaluating your online marketing strategy.  These questions can serve as a guide to highlight the areas of your strategy that can use attention.  Your website is a tool to help your business create more contacts and leads and it should be an investment, not an expense.





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